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Ark Elementary

Completion of the Noah’s Ark Preschool and Kindergarten program does not mark the end of the Montessori Reggio experience. In fact, by age six, the child is embarking on a new journey of growth and potential. At this time, the child is ready to build upon the concrete learning pathways of preschool and move to the more abstract concepts in the elementary program. Montessori wrote, “The successive levels of education must conform to the successive personalities of the child”; that “The education of the very young child does not prepare him for school, but for life.“

Ark Elementary (K - Grade 3) nurtures students in a home-like environment. The Ark Elementary School is small - about 16 in total - including kindergarten to, currently, Grade 3. The number of students in our classes is limited, and the collaborative learning process, child-centered. We are small enough to feel like a family, but big enough to provide a variety of options and depth beyond the Ministry of Education’s Grade level learning requirements and outcomes.

The Ark Program is a continuum of the preschool experience: highly individualized, non-competitive learning, cooperative group work, development of critical thought, choice and independence. As the world is rapidly changing and our approach to knowledge and the methods and acquisition of knowledge changing with it, the very best we can offer our children is opportunity to foster a deep love of learning, strong social skills and the confidence to know how to look for this knowledge and use it. The development of solid work habits and the deeper self-understanding that comes with mastery and its internal rewards are the goals of the Ark Program. As such, study, organizational and planning skills, public speaking, self-evaluation and assessment and presentation techniques are important for us in addition to the basic skills of reading, handwriting, creative writing, spelling, mathematics, social studies and science, which are all part of our program.

Social skills are actively taught at Noah’s Ark: How to make – and keep-friends, peacefully negotiate desired outcomes, collaborative listening and group work and developing mentorship as well as social responsibility skills. Great emphasis is placed on conflict management and resolution as mastering this ability when faced with uncomfortable feelings and unpredictable situations can directly contribute to a child’s sense of confidence and security over the long-term.

Our dedicated and caring staff closely know each child as an individual, and develop curriculum platforms to better meet the learning styles and multiple intelligences of each child. The critical thinking and problem solving skills developed in our Preschool program form the foundation of our elementary curriculum. Social, academic and emotional progress is carefully monitored. Parents are expected to work collaboratively with goal-setting, facilitating research and support for dedicated time and physical space for homework.

Something many parents already intuitively understand, is that each child’s development and abilities are not limited to his or her age group, often needing support and assistance in one area and requiring greater challenges in others. A multi-aged setting allows for greater scope and flexibility for effective individualized learning. Multi-aged environments offer opportunity for peer mentoring, exposure to a variety of abilities, expanded understanding and practice of social skills and expectations as well as important opportunities to develop leadership skills. At the Ark, we believe every child is gifted. When the time comes for a child to move beyond our program, we find that he or she is not only intellectually very competent with solid learning habits, but also possesses compassionate leadership and collaboration skills, as well as a deep love of learning that is clearly evident, most importantly, to the child himself or herself.

In a nutshell:

  • Small class sizes, high staff to child ratios
  • Dedicated and caring educators in warm, natural learning environments
  • Flexible multi-age small group learning
  • Progressive Montessori and Reggio Emilia blended curriculum practices
  • Surpasses the BC Curriculum as outlined by the Ministry of Education
  • A strong social skills curriculum
  • Oration and Public speaking
  • French programming
  • Tae Kwon Do, Rock climbing and field trips.

Elementary School: 8:45 AM - 3:00 PM (Mon-Thur) | 8:45 AM - 2:15 (Fri)
After School Care: (please talk to us if you require ASC, 3:30PM - 5:15PM)