Our Philosophy

Student Code of Conduct

At Noah’s Ark School we care for ourselves, others and our community through…


R is for Responsible:

  • I come to school on time, well rested and ready to learn.
  • I am responsible for working my hardest.
  • I am responsible for bringing necessary supplies to school each day.
  • I do my homework in the best way I can.

E is for Enthusiastic:

  • I am enthusiastic about learning something new every day.
  • I take time and pride in my work.
  • I enjoy reading, working together and playing.

S is for Safety:

  • I walk in the halls and classrooms.
  • I use equipment at school safely and with care.
  • I play safely with others.
  • I always keep my hands and feet in my own personal space.

P is for Problem Solving

  • I problem-solve using thoughtful words and actions.
  • I can solve problems by co-operating with others.
  • I can help show others ways to find different solutions to their problems.

E is for Environment

  • I am a friend of the earth.
  • I take care of and have pride in our school.
  • I keep my classroom, lunchroom and playground clean.

C is for Communication

  • I use respectful language and manners with others.
  • I use a talking voice when I want to speak inside.
  • When I want to talk to a friend, I walk up close to them to get their attention, then I do not need to raise my voice.
  • I look at the person who is speaking.
  • I listen carefully to them and wait my turn to speak.
  • I raise my hand to share my ideas at circle time.
  • I raise my hand to get help from the teacher.

T is for Team Building

  • I try hard to include everyone when I play.
  • I work with many different friends.
  • I say nice things (compliments) to others.
  • I share, take turns and play fairly.