Our Philosophy


Take a moment to watch the engaging video below, as it clearly illuminates what makes a Montessori-based environment a truly special place to grow and learn. W.B. Yeats once said, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire”. Who knew that the most important tool a teacher can have - is a fan!

In mathematics, we learn that “the whole is the sum of our parts”; At Noah’s Ark we live this principle each day. We are a very small, close community of teachers, students and families, where each day our paths intersect forming important lasting impressions with each other. We know we have writers, poets, artists, biologists, athletes, musicians, inventors, chemists, explorers, designers, entrepreneurs, and mathematicians and more in our midst. Our job is to uncover some of those sparks and feed the flames. It has been our experience that in working with young children we have found the below facts to be self-evident:

  • that every child learns through different means and ways at different stages in their early development and learning years.
  • that each child’s journey is unique to that child.
  • that all children are incredibly sensitive, joyful, absorbent observers and investigators of their world.
  • that each and every child is gifted in one way or another.
  • that there are no limits to a child’s leaning process when the child feels secure and motivated and is given opportunities to own their journey.
  • that the foundation of a child’s self-direction, confidence and self-esteem are anchored by a steady, cumulative process which allows the child to fully internalize and experience mastery. (Achievements and awards are simply milestones and represent calendar dates and external recognition.)

Therefore we believe that:
No singular methodology, philosophy or learning method can meet the needs of the rapidly growing and changing developmental course of any one child.

An environment where a classroom of children with different learning curves, styles and capacities that are in continual flux, necessitates an open-minded, multi-faceted, resource-rich and flexible approach to emotional, social, intellectual and physical development.

Opportunities for a child to own and direct their course must be provided with respect for each child’s rights to be heard, ideas and contributions respected and be treated as the unique individuals they are.

Our Mission is to:

  • develop critical thinkers and independent, life-long learners;
  • develop self-confident, responsible and compassionate individuals with respect for themselves, others and the world.
  • encourage individual leadership and character development within a spirited, team-based environment;

We do so, by embracing and practicing the following values:

  • Respect for self and others
  • Responsibility for our actions
  • Honesty with ourselves and others
  • Concern for Others