Parent Handbook


Why should we arrive to school on time?

• To help establish good routines and habits.
• Punctuality is a life skill that is necessary to develop at a young age. It is important to learn to organize ourselves according to the schedule of the external world and not just one’s own timetable. 
• Late arrival disrupts your child’s ability to transition smoothly into the classroom routines: 

    • Your child’s learning experiences will be disjointed and rushed; confusion about expected behaviour, what is happening and what to do.
    • Your child is at a learning disadvantage as lessons have already begun.

• Late arrivals significantly disrupt the attention, concentration and learning experiences of other children.
• Late arrivals take the teacher’s attention away from the needs of the group.

For fairness and respect to the learning process of all the other children in the class who are arriving on time, ready to learn, children will only be granted entry into the classroom for 10 minutes after the commencement of class. If your child arrives more than 10 minutes after class has begun, you will need to return home. When possible, help us understand what is happening for you by sending us an email or text to let us know if you will be arriving late due to unforeseeable circumstances.

School Commencement Hours
(Ensure that your child is ready and lined up):

Ark Elementary: Line up at 8:40 am
Morning Preschool: Line up at 8:55 am
Afternoon Preschool: Line up at 12:25 pm

It is important for a child on an emotional level that parents demonstrate that they are ready to pick up their child when the session is over, as well as allow teachers to prepare for the next class and following day’s work. It is painful for a child to feel as if their parents have ‘forgotten’ them. Should parents fail to collect their child on time on more than three separate occasions, they will be required to pay a late fee of $30.00.