Parent Handbook


Understanding Health, Risk and Safety

The Richmond Health Department Guidelines for exclusion to preschool centers and school environments is observation and symptom based. Generally, medications suppress symptoms temporarily and the child remains ill and likely still contagious. If treatment of any kind needs to be given, a child needs to stay at home. Whether a parent chooses to seek treatment or dispense medication or not is at the parent’s discretion.

Just because a child can move about, it does not mean they are well enough in any way to attend successfully. If they are fatigued, lethargic in any way, unusually uncommunicative and out of sorts, a child is not well enough to attend school with an alert and positive manner.

It is important to remember that sick attendance undermines a child’s positive perspective of school, as children are not always sure why they are feeling the way they are about things; thus sick/uncomfortable feelings are directed to others, their own performance and the school experience as a whole. Keep your child’s school experience a successful, happy and safe one!

Health and Illness Policy

A child should NOT attend school if s/he has or is developing ANY of the following:

A child MAY return to the school when:

A fever of 100F (38.3 C) or higher.Fever has remained below 100 F for 24 hours without medication.
Frequent episodes of diarrhea (more than 1 every 4 hours) or diarrhea that the child cannot control.Child has had at least 1 normal bowel movement.
Acute onset of a sore throatSymptoms have subsided.
Uncontrollable and frequent coughing.Symptoms have subsided.
Runny nose or eyesSymptoms have subsided.
Skin infection, undiagnosed rash, sore infected eyes, or signs of any contagious disease. Child has been examined by a doctor and has received medical clearance.
Has been on oral/topical antibiotics less than 24 hours.After 24 hours has passed.
Any parasite related condition (lice, impetigo, scabies, etc…)Child has been examined by a doctor and has received medical clearance.

You are required to keep (or take) your child home when the child:

  • is suffering from one or more of the above symptoms
  • in not well enough to take part in the regular program

If your child is absent:

When your child has been absent from school, you need to provide a letter outlining the reason for the absence. According to new Environmental Health Department requirements, a description of any and all specific symptoms of illness that you may have observed must be noted. Remember - your child need to be symptom-free for 24 hours before returning to school. You may write your own note or simply print out this form and give it to the teacher upon returning to school.

Download a form here (click to download)

ANY Absences: please notify the teacher if your child will absent; if it is due to illness let us know the symptoms.  Noah’s Ark School phone number: (778) 990-3520


As the time spent in class is short, the school will not dispense any prescription medications, ‘over-the-counter’ drugs or homeopathic medicines. If a child should become sick during school, the child will rest in the quiet room until the parents or authorized adults are contacted and arrive to take the child home.