Parent Handbook

Behavioural Policies

At Noah’s Ark, we strive to build a community of learners where the common thread of our interactions is respectful support of the personal journey of others. We encourage and role model the 3 R’s: Respect for self, Respect for others and Respect for the environment. We work hard to build an ongoing dialogue with parents in all matters of their child’s education.

Families need to be on board in forming a collaborative parent-school model for positive intervention and growth. Parents are consulted when a child is struggling with behavioral responsibility at any given level, and a plan to work with boundaries at home and at school is put in place. In the case that a child is unable to develop the self-regulation and responsibility required to participate in our school program, parents may be asked to keep their child at home to take the time to work through behavioral expectations. If a child were unable to acquire those skills within a reasonable period, he or she may be asked to seek an alternative program.

Throughout the process, we work collaboratively to discover possible issues which may have been overlooked and uncover the underlying causes or, as needed, make referrals to outside support and intervention. Our goal is to set children up for success on all levels of interaction at school. Using positive guidance and consistency to develop inner discipline, we seek to encourage the personal growth of children who are self aware and socially responsible; who have an awareness of personal values and who are able to move through their life experiences with confidence, compassion and integrity.