Parent Handbook


Noah’s Ark School is an ALLERGEN-SENSITIVE ENVIRONMENT. We have students who are highly allergic to specific foods. This allergy can be LIFE-THREATENING. A reaction can be triggered by TASTE or SMELL. Given that the children are of a very young age, your own child may have a significant allergy that you are not aware of just yet. Let’s be extra-careful.

This means keeping away snacks or prepared food containing tree nuts or nut ingredients. This means that peanut, walnut, hazelnuts and almonds and their by-products, such as almond milk, are not okay at school. Seeds such as pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds are fine. Please read the ingredients on products, as some foods state that the product may have come into contact with nuts or may contain traces of nuts. Keep in mind that we needs to recognize the effects of other common allergens such as perfume, pollens and seafood and keep these triggers away from school. Some healthy snack suggestions are vegetables, fruit, seaweed, beans, crackers, muffins, cheese, yogurt, dry cereals or homemade dishes made with no nuts or nut oils.