Parent Handbook

Earthquake, Fire and Lockdown Procedure

Earthquake Drill

  1. Announce to the children to STOP what they are doing and that we are conducting a Earthquake Drill. Use your voice.
  2. Instruct the children to move quickly into the bathroom area, then DUCK, COVER & HOLD.
  3. Count to 60 and wait until the shaking has stopped.
  4. Instruct the children to line up and exit via the door to the playground.
  5. Take the class list, cell phone and the emergency backpack, located in the upper playground exit hallway.
  6. Follow evacuation procedure, meeting at the designated end of the parking lot.
  7. If we are not be cleared to enter the building, one teacher may return to the children’s exterior play area to retrieve emergency supplies.
  8. Attempt to contact Out Of town Emergency Contact persons to notify parents of the whereabouts of their children.
  9. Wait for parents to collect their children.

Fire Drill

  1. Announce to the children to STOP what they are doing and that we are conducting a Fire Drill. Use a bell & voice.
  2. Instruct the children to line up at the designated exit door.
    • Preschool uses the door to the playground
    • Elementary uses the foyer door through to the front entrance.
  3. Follow evacuation procedure above.

Lockdown Protocol

1. If you hear, “LOCKDOWN” announced:

    1. Everyone is to stay where they are.
    2. Teachers quickly glance outside the room to direct any students or staff members in the hall into your room immediately.
    3. Manually lock your class door.
    4. Lower or close any blinds.
    5. Place students against the wall, so that the intruder cannot see them looking in the door.
    6. Look for and go to your nearest pre-established ‘Safe Corner’.
    7. Turn out lights and computer monitors.
    8. Keep students completely quiet.

Note: All staff members should take their attendance/emergency kit with them prior to turning out the lights. This will aid in accounting for all students should an evacuation be necessary.

2. School locations:

    1. Physical education classes being held in the gym should move into a smaller room, lock/bar all doors, and find a safe area to gather.
    2. If students and teachers are outside the school building, or in the playground they should stop, gather into a group, drop low to the ground, remain still and silent.
    3. Students and staff in the library should remain in the library, turn out the lights and locate a safe area. Bar the door with furniture.
    4. If teachers and students are in the bathrooms, they should move to a stall and obstruct it if possible.
    5. Anyone in the hallway should exit the building or move to the closest classroom immediately.
    6. Volunteers/parents /support staff should stay with the children in the ‘safe area’ they are in, secure the doors, and turn out the lights.

Note: Common sense must be used to locate yourselves depending on the situation.

3. Stay in ‘safe areas’ until directed by law enforcement officers or a senior teacher/administrator to move or evacuate. Never open doors during a lockdown, even in the event of a fire alarm.

4. A senior teacher/administrator will signal all personnel when the lockdown has been lifted.

5. If an evacuation occurs, all persons/classrooms will be directed by a law enforcement officer or senior teacher to the gathering location outside. Once evacuated from the building to the ‘designated meeting spot’ at the end of the parking lot, teachers should take roll to account for all students present in class. Teachers will divide and keep in communication with cell phones if necessary.

6. Once the building is cleared for safety, students and staff may re-enter the building.

7. Families will be contacted by the teachers and will be students sent home for the remainder of the day.

8. Staff will immediately meet to debrief after the events. An email notice outlining the incident will be sent home to the families within 12 hours.