Parent Handbook

Emergency Preparedness

What parents must to know…

The Emergency Response Plan

In the event of an emergency, fire, earthquake etc., we may need to evacuate the premises. The designated assembly area is the end of the rear parking lot. If necessary, the children will wait under staff supervision until a family member or designated individual arrives to assume responsibility for the child. In the event that a child cannot be picked up immediately, a staff, member will remain at the school site until all children have been collected, even if it will take several days. Please read the following carefully, so you, your spouse and those authorized to pick up your child from school will know what we are doing if your child is at school or you too are also on the school premises during an emergency:

During an Earthquake Emergency:

  1. Stay calm.
  2. Clearly instruct the children to quietly and quickly stop what they are doing and take cover under the tables. Duck, cover and hold.
  3. Wait 60 seconds or until the shaking stops whichever is longer - then end of the rear parking lot, taking emergency cards, cell phone, first aid kit, emergency backpacks and attendance sheet.
  4. Keep away from trees, telephone and electric lines.
  5. When it is safe the children will return to their classes. If not they will wait outside.
  6. Parents will be called to pick up their children. We will wait for families to collect their children. Release will be made only to those authorized to pick up the child. If possible, and necessary, attempt to reach out of town contacts for the remaining children.

During a Fire Emergency:

  1. Stay calm.
  2. Instruct the children to line up at designated escape exit and evacuate.
  3. Staff take cell phone, first aid kit, emergency packs and attendance sheet.
  4. Rendezvous at the end of the rear parking lot. Take attendance.
  5. Wait for clearance to enter the building. If not possible, call families and wait until family or designated person picks up the children.

Alternative Meeting Points if our building/area is severely damaged:

  1. The United Church, corner of Steveston and No. 3 Road.
  2. Alternately, the Buddhist Temple, 9160 Steveston Hwy .