Payment Policy

Payment can be divided into monthly installments. Parents who to wish to make 2 equal term installments (September and January) or for convenience one lump payment in September, are eligible for a 2% discount on tuition. Full tuition is applicable for each month, including absence for any reason and duration, including illness or extended vacation. The last day for notice of withdrawal (30 days) from the program is February 28th. After this date, the tuition for the remainder of the school year is forfeited. The enrollment of your child is for a ten month period and monthly installments are submitted on the first day of school in the form of 9 (September to May, since a non-refundable deposit upon acceptance for the last month - June - your child is attending will have already been remitted) post-dated cheques, dated the first of each month.

Ark Elementary Withdrawal Policy

Upon registration, Ark Elementary Program students are registered for the entire school year.  No refunds are given for absence or withdrawal.  If parents withdraw a student during the year, they are responsible for the full year’s tuition as mid-year intake to fill a vacant space is not possible.