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Staff Training

Parents often ask us questions about staff certification as this seems the logical thing to do. As a provincially licensed Early Childhood Center and Independent School registered under with the BC Ministry of Education, parents need to know that that the regulating bodies ensure accreditation and certification and conduct regular inspections to ensure compliance. The BC Childcare Licensing Act and Ministry of Education Legislation encompasses regulation of staff qualifications and education, Criminal Record checks, First Aid, staffing ratios, immunizations, medical clearance, fire safety, emergency and security practices, Municipal regulation compliance
and so on and so on….

The important questions parents need to be asking is: What ADDITIONAL and DIFFERENTIATED qualification, experience and training do the staff have? How informed are they on current developmental research and progressive practices in child development? What kind of books do we read? What resources do we use? How is this knowledge translated into practical support for the child’s journey of discovery? 

At Noah’s Ark, all the staff log many hours of highly specialized on-going professional training.  We take pride in being prepared each day to do the best work we possibly can with children.

A Brief Sample of Professional Training:

E.R.A.S.E. Bullying worship - October, 2015

Should I Worry? A Guide to Speech and Language Development - October, 2014

5th Kindergarten and Primary Institute: Optimal Environments for Teaching and Learning - August, 2014
University of Victoria.

Child Abuse Workshop - April 2014
Vancouver coastal Health, Child Care Licensing & The Ministry for Children and Family Development

Reggio Network Meeting - Materials Encounters Exhibit - March 2014
Bev Superle and Linda Murdoch

Exploring Pedagogical Narration and Photography - July 2013
Westcoast Child Care Resource Centre

Selective Mutism - December 2013
Dr. Annie Simpson

Early Development Instrument, Research to Planning Human Early learning Partnership - November 2013

“Hold on to Your Kids!” - June 11th 2011
Dr. Deborah MacNamara

Taking Early Childhood Outside (ECCE 1177) - April 2, 2011
Vancouver Community College

“Children’s Envrionmental Health” - February 12, 2011
Westcoast Child Care Resource Centre

HIGH FIVE-Because Every Child Deserves a HIGH FIVE - Feb 2009
Kara Leier and Heather Muter

How to Grow a Child’s Brain - Feb 2009
Gary Anaka

The British Columbia Early Learning Framework Implementation Project – Nov. 2008 to March 2009
University of Victoria

Memorization of Basic Facts
Western Montessori Teachers’ College-May 12, 2008

Potential - The Starting Point - November 28, 2012
Lella Gandini

Fine Motor and Written Skills Workshop - April 2012
Brian Lai, B.Sc., O.T., M.H.S.

Whole Brain Teaching - July 2011
Chris Biffle / Maricopa County School District

Brain Development and Learning 2010 - July 2010
UBC Interprofessional Continuing Ed.

BC Association of Math Teachers / BCAMT - April 2010
Regional Meeting & Professional Development
Richard De Merchant, Ministry Of Education

Sensory Processing, Self-Regulation and Stress Management - Feb 2010
Marc Landry, Occupational Therapist
VSB / Vancouver Coastal Health

Boys and Girls Learn Differently - Feb 2010
Bruce Ivany / Dr. Michael Gurian, Gurian Institute

The Explosive Child - Nov 2009
Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) and Intervention
Dr. Ross Greene

40 Developmental Assets - Nov 2009
Community and Adolescent Resilience
Derek Petersen

Fluency Strategies and Assessments - Oct 2009
Reading Interventions and Strategies
Jerry Johns / Roberta Berglund / LOMICRA

Social Thinking Across the School and Day - Aug 2009
Michelle Garcia Winner / SFU

SMILE - Small-group Intervention for Language Emergence - Aug 2009Let’s Talk About Touching - June 2009

Kids Are Worth It! - Feb 2009

The Bully, The Bullied and the Bystander
Barabara Coloroso

Understanding the Roots of Anxiety - Feb 2009
Tamara Strijak, R. Psych.

Child Abuse Prevention and Disclosure - Nov 2008
Vancouver/Richmond Coastal Health

Non-Violent Crisis Intervention - Oct 2008
Crisis Intervention Institute

Emergency Preparedness Training - March 2008
City of Richmond & Vancouver Coastal Health

SAFER Suicide Intervention - Nov 2007
BC Mental Health / Vancouver Coastal Health

Challenging Behavior - Oct 2007
Human Resources Development Canada / Ministry for Children and Families